actions speak louder

Celebrating the actions of employees, along with family and friends, as they give back with more than words to their community.

Challenge:, the ultimate automotive marketplace, has built a community relations program that is driven by involvement. The brand wanted to celebrate the employee’s efforts while boosting support for their charitable initiatives throughout the year. The Autotrader CR team charged Soloflight with telling their story through the development of an interactive and compelling campaign site.


Starting with the development of the campaign slogan “Actions Speak Louder,” Soloflight created a site that showcased the ways that employees give back to their communities. The site pulled viewers into the experience both visually and verbally. With every move of the mouse along the horizontal scroll, viewers gained a new perspective on volunteering.


Surprise pop-ups of a quote, video or statistic greeted viewers along their journey. Each story allowed the viewer to “Give Kudos” to the person or organization being featured on the page. These comments echoed the personal quotes and videos from employees across the site. The ability to download or share photos from a 2,000+ photo gallery encouraged employees to share their story with others.