National Sales Meeting

Patcraft, a commercial carpet and flooring manufacturer, was poised to make big strides in the coming year. The executive team was looking to educate, motivate and inspire the sales team to grow its market share at their National Sales Meeting in San Diego.


Soloflight had just become the agency of record for Patcraft and had set an aggressive marketing plan in motion that would move the brand in new directions. Our goal was to inspire the 250+ salesforce to seize the moment and accelerate the company’s forward momentum by tapping into their inner competitor.

Inspiring Teams with new challenges. driving them towards success.

The Soloflight team collaborated with Patcraft’s marketing team to deliver an experience that combined positive energy, inspiring stories and friendly competition into multiple days of potentially dense, educational training session.


Within a set budget, Soloflight brought this concept to life across all facets and phases of the sales meeting. Event-branded signage throughout the resort, educational tools and resources, and theme-centric swag helped bring the theme to life while building confidence, culture and passion around the company, as they set their marks on becoming the performance leader in commercial flooring.


We are Patcraft.
This is our Moment.


The opening session of an event, and how it is received by its audience can be a key part of its overall success. Soloflight knew that we had to set the tone, in order to capture the attention and gain the trust of the attendees. We decided to open the meeting with a two-minute video, that would deliver an inspirational message and quickly link the theme to the company’s journey.


The video, created on a tight-timeline and limited-budget, started without any introduction, the light’s dimmed to complete black and the voiceover began. The story was told from the perspective of an runner preparing for a race, similar to the quest the sales team was being challenged to begin. The narrator spoke to the anticipation of challenges ahead, how it drives us, leads us to opportunities and how preparation leads us to success. Finally, declaring that this is our moment, its all ahead of us, we just need to live it, own it and do it.



On your Mark.
Get Set. Go.


Soloflight created presentation templates for use by individual speakers and created interactive segways for introducing the speakers and use between sessions. We interviewed the top sales leaders to create video case studies to share their insights and help illustrate different phases of the proprietary sales training process.


After four days of training, sharing and growing, the national sales meeting was wrapped up with a culmination presentation that would celebrate employee successes and ignite renewed energy for the year to come. The meeting ended with the unveiling of Patcraft’s takeaway message and challenge to be used throughout the year to encourage the sales team to find a way and…
Live it. Own it. Do it.