What is your client really experiencing?


What is your client really experiencing?

“Have you ever felt that it just isn’t right to pay the same price for a products that has decreased by 10 percent?”

Well, that can be the same feeling that your audience gets when a brand message doesn’t fit with the reality of the service that you are providing them. Yet, living up to your brand’s ideals can be difficult day in and day out, so assessing your current perception can give you a benchmark to gauge where you need to go with your service.

Conducting your own market research can help determine where your brand stands.


 Call clients you have worked with during
the past year and get their thoughts on why
they chose you.

 Ask your current customers how you have been doing compared to your competition.

 Assess if you are getting return customers.

 How you are getting your customers? If it is by word-of-mouth or referral then your brand is strong.

 Make sure your brand is integral to all parts of your business.


Make it easy to manage and evaluate your findings. Create a free account with one of the online survey tools, and send yourself the survey titled with the client or customer’s name.  As you get feedback, enter it into the survey you sent yourself.  Do this for each contact you make, and at the end you will have a compilation of your results for comparison.