Designing The Right Hierarchy


Designing The Right Hierarchy

I recently saw an AARP publication sitting on my 78-year old mother’s coffee table and was estatic to see designers successfully using large fonts without compromising good design. I believe it’s all about having the right hierarchy of font sizes, which can be achieved by following these four techniques:

Choose your primary typefaces wisely.

Select a legible type family with enough weights to give you options.

Use a contrasting typeface.

If your primary typeface is a serif design, choose a contrasting sans serif font to help prioritize information. Don’t select more than two families though. When you have more, you run the risk of making your design too busy.

Vary your font sizes.

Changing the point size will draw attention, but be sure to make it noticeable. A one-point change won’t create enough contrast. Instead, try two points or more.

Vary the weights.

Adjusting the weight is a great way to draw attention, especially with lead-in type.