The Atlanta Beltline’s digital publication tells the story of the project through an interactive journey.


To raise awareness, The BeltLine planned to send traditional mailers to a very large metropolitan population around Atlanta. After comparing their expectations to their resources, Soloflight realized The BeltLine would fall short of their goal. So, we challenged ourselves to produce a cutting-edge concept that delivers the important message on a limited budget to a large audience.


A publication doesn’t need paper to be a publication. With the budget we had to work with, we decided the best way to deliver the content was via the web. The prospect of a larger audience and greater longevity pleased the BeltLine Partnership, and we created The BeltLine Its Journey and included design aspects that would have been impossible to print. We focused on issues like usability, content sharing through social bookmarking sites and repurposing on social media sites. For those who want to print out the story, we included a downloadable pdf version.