The Making Inroads website showcases the impact of Cox Automotive’s community outreach as it continues to grow their network of business units as they work toward a common goal


Cox Automotive’s Community Relations department puts out an annual Year in Review site to celebrate their employees’ past year’s charitable contributions. In 2015, Cox Automotive had acquired a number of new companies almost doubling the current number of employees. With this uptick in new employees, the site needed to celebrate past accomplishments, while also serving as an educational tool to motivate new employees to get involved.


Each year the site has a new theme that is played out across the department’s messaging in the coming year. Making InRoads was selected to show how each employee could make connections and contributions across the company’s business units, across their local communities and nationally. Select employee stories served as the “faces” for central values held by the community relations department. The Get Connected section helped new employees self-select their areas of interest and see what opportunities might be available.