Patcraft’s redesigned exhibit showcases a new collection, Butterfly Effect, for health care environments linked to St. Jude Children’s Hospital by telling an emotional story at the Healthcare Design Show.

Patcraft, a commercial carpet and flooring manufacturer, required the right setting to launch its new flooring collection, cause partnership with St. Jude and relationship with renowned designer Bill McDonough. Patcraft and Soloflight decided to roll out the program and its corresponding flooring collection, Butterfly Effect, at the Healthcare Design Expo.

This conference offered the opportunity to reach an audience within Patcraft’s sales funnel that was already emotionally connected to St. Jude’s mission. The team designed a booth that would allow visitors to have a hands-on experience with the flooring, while integrating touch points to communicate Patcraft’s new relationships and giving campaign. Through thoughtful design, they were able to smoothly fold the educational component into the sales experience, allowing one booth to serve multiple purposes.