Skin1 by Dr. Gram

Branding effort gives skincare
a fresh look and feel


Dr. Gram, a leading pharmacist in San Diego, saw the need to develop a line of skin care products that balanced the right mix of pharmaceutical grade ingredients to get a synergistic effect. Once the products were developed, Dr. Gram needed help to brand, package and launch his line.



After an extensive naming convention, Soloflight created a brand name that would illustrate Dr. Gram’s philosophy of putting one’s skin first: Skin1. Soloflight developed a gender-neutral brand that clearly conveys the effectiveness of each product. By developing a highly versatile approach to visual elements and packaging components, Soloflight has ensured a sustainable brand. The strength of the new brand enabled Skin1 to gain product placement on the Dermstore website, an international e-commerce website for skin care products.