Piedmont Healthcare Annual Report

Report shows how the healthcare system connected the dots to transform from a network with competing interests to one with a singular voice.

Piedmont Healthcare wanted to produce its first-ever annual report that would meld multiple competing goals into a single, cohesive report. The integrated healthcare system of five hospitals and close to 100 physician and specialist offices needed to showcase a new brand strategy, pay tribute to the recent passing of their long-time CEO, illustrate benefits of moving toward a “system-ness” approach, promote key service areas, thank donors and publish financials. All of this needed to take place within a tight 3-month timeline.

Soloflight created an all-encompassing theme, “Connecting the Dots,” to highlight the journey from foundational groundwork to current strides and then looking towards future goals. To begin the content development process, the team navigated division sensitivities and prioritized competing goals.


The resulting topics were organized into sections that each showcased a specific attribute of the organization. Fresh content, written with input from expert sources and approved through a multi-level process, populated the report. On-site art direction resulted in custom black-and-white photography that brought Piedmont’s patients, leadership and community advocates to life. Custom infographics provided at-a-glance insights into complex numbers surrounding the organization. An accompanying poster brought special attention to relevant statistics and thanked the organization’s donors on the reverse.