The Pinnacle of Rehabilitation Care Publication

Engaging content delivers insights to critical care physicians nationwide.


Shepherd Center, a rehabilitation hospital specializing in brain and spinal cord injury care, was looking for a way to position itself as an expert resource for information related to rehabilitation medicine particularly in the areas of spinal cord injury and brain injury. The Center also wanted to raise its national profile in order to increase referrals and admissions.


After a discovery and research session, Soloflight recommended two print publications — each focused on different demographic of the target audience. Print publications created for similar audiences showed success in making it past gatekeepers to the desired physician targets. The two publications would work in tandem with each other so that one publication would reach a target audience each quarter.


The naming and branding needed to be relevant to the audience and consistent across both publications. The second publication, The Pinnacle of Rehabilitation Care, has a similar graphic naming structure, as The Apex of Trauma Care publication, but it uses the p with a line over it, a medical shorthand for after. Since this publication is geared toward physical medicine & rehabilitation physicians, those that see patients after the most critical care.


Both adhere to high standard of writing and speak to the specialized audience with fresh articles revolving around the latest in industry advancements, best practices, and expert opinions.