360° Magazine

Giving readers a 360-degree view

Aon, a Fortune 500 risk management firm, wanted its twice-yearly publication redesigned in a way that increased awareness of the company’s services among its prospects. Soloflight explored new content and visual treatments that would make the custom publication, 360°, more engaging for readers. Soloflight improved the photography style, reconsidered fonts, redesigned layouts, aggregated content into features and presented highly complex information through easy-to-understand charts. As a result, the publication became a storytelling tool that clearly conveyed the benefits to Aon’s audience.


Most noteworthy, after the redesign, the Aon sales team began to leverage the publication as an informative sales tool and marketing piece more than ever before. To meet this demand, the publication print run was increased from 8,000 to 14,000 copies. Finally, the new 360 has become so popular, clients now ask to be featured in it.